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Welcome to ProTrustee, a software platform that simplifies, automates and streamlines fiduciary processes for bank trust departments and independent trust companies.

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Our Story

The Leading Technology Company

We are a dynamic team of entrepreneurs spanning the east coast with over 65 years of experience combined. With successful backgrounds in trust & wealth management, investment management and software engineering, we have created a holistic solution, addressing each market segment and solving all needs with one product.


What We Do

At ProTrustee, we believe that our technology solutions will soon change the trust and wealth management industry. Our platform allows more resources to be spent on core, revenue-producing activities rather than overhead. Clean, organized, easy to use. Maximize the number of trust accounts and assets that a trust associate can effectively manage. Save time on operational tasks, reduce operational risk, and increase employee and client satisfaction. We can securely host on any platform that you prefer and implementation is seamless. We empower you with the tools you need to be successful in a growing and changing landscape.


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