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Trust Workflows

Modernize your trust company. We believe in using technology to help our customers become better fiduciaries. An efficient operating model allows you to maintain compliance while delivering a high standard of service to your clients.


Our Story

The Leading Technology Company

ProTrustee was created to solve the day-to-day challenges of a historically archaic and cumbersome industry full of operational issues. Our digitally transformative platform with customizable trust native workflows optimizes efficiencies while increasing compliance integrity. By having the ability to integrate with any complementary applications via APIs, ProTrustee can stand-alone or be used in conjunction with other software platforms.


Brandon Whittington


About Us

J. Brandon Whittington

Co-Founder, CEO

Brandon has nearly ten years of experience as a trust officer at two of the largest bank trust departments in the United States. Used both proprietary and third party (i.e. SalesForce, SEI, FIS) applications for managing all types of accounts at different volumes. Responsibilities included using several systems to manage all aspects of the life cycle of trust account administration.

Brandon is an Accredited Trust & Financial Advisor, Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst, and holds a Master’s Degree in Trust and Wealth Management.

Will Deupree

Co-Founder, CTO

With nearly 25 years in the software industry, Will is a proven technology leader and entrepreneur. He has successfully founded several successful companies, including Preclose, where he served as both CTO and then CEO. He managed the company’s acquisition by Orchard where he continued on as Head of Engineering. Prior to that he spent many years managing teams and building enterprise software in both the government and commercial sectors. He served as Chief Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton where he focused on building scalable and secure platforms. Will is a graduate of Dartmouth College where he studied computer science and applied mathematics; he earned his MBA from The Citadel. Will now brings all of his experiences and innovation to ProTrustee where he is excited about transforming the trust management landscape.      


Craig Cook

Product Manager and Board Member

As co-founder and CEO of Oakbrook Solutions, Craig Cook brings over 35 years of experience in technology-based solutions for wealth management providers and the asset-management industry, focusing on new product development for trust systems, investment management systems, and proprietary systems. He excels at analyzing, designing, and delivering application software-based solutions of varying scopes and sizes. Combining deep knowledge of the wealth business with technical and project-management skills honed over time, Craig has built a record of success in developing proven workflow solutions for any wealth-management channel.

Benefits of Workflow Solution

1. Increased productivity
2. An agile organization
3. Reduced errors
4. Ensured policy compliance
5. Reduced micromanagement
6. Controlled data accessibility
7. A company-wide platform
8. Digital transformation
9. Reduced license overhead and app overload
10. Identified strengths and skill gaps
11. A single adoption curve

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